About Our Music


Music We Play:
Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Christian Contemporary and Rock,
Praise & Worship, Sabbath, Shabbat, Limited Children's Songs,
and Torah, Bible, and Scripture Songs.

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1Th 5:16-18

Music is very much like prayer. It can keep you focused on God. It can be a very important inspirational and motivational tool to help young as well as older disciples to maintain and encourage the walk and combat the world.

MUSIC SELECTIONS are focused on the Disciple's Life in:

  • Being Sold-Out, Giving Up of One's Life for God [MORE INFO]
  • Romantic-based Songs of Passion and Love that apply to our relationship with God
  • Our Service-based and Evangelistic-based Missions as a Disciple
  • Praise and Worship of the Most Wonderful and Loving God
  • Celebration and Joy of the Disciple's Journey

Songs are selected for their lyrics, theme, and style. Endorsement of an artist or band should not be implied. Most are Christian-based songs, but some secular songs with the right lyrics are also chosen.

LIVE AUDIO CHANNEL:  Due to a limited monthly budget, we could not afford to keep both the audio channel and the music video channels active, so we decided to stay with the music video channel. Sometime in the future we may choose to re-activate the live audio broadcast channel.

About Our Staff

Dave & Kelly Show (1985)
Christian Music Video TV Show
(4 Years after MTV Launched)

Dave Rogers, Station Manager

Over 35 years ago I sold-out to Y'shua (Jesus). In my early years, I began work in Christian Radio as a DJ, VJ, and in production and operations. After 20 years in Christian Radio and my journey since, I have continued to assemble a quality collection of very good "discipleship" core-focused songs that have personally helped me in my growth and still do today. The genre of music styles did not matter to me as much, so long as the lyrics were meaningful to the sold-out walk and the music was catchy. It is my hope that you will be blessed by the music selection that I have gathered in audio and music video formats.

I still continue to collect so if you have song suggestions, please do email me:  Radio@HebrewRoots.info

Love God With Passion,
Dave Rogers

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-  Dave's Personal Testimony

Hebrew Roots Broadcast Studio

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